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Am I covered on my auto policy if I am driving someone else’s car?

From time to time, it’s almost certain that you will either rent a car for business or for vacation or maybe just borrow a neighbor’s pickup truck to use for a day or two!  When you do this you may wonder….”Am I covered while I’m using a non-owned auto?” Let’s take a look at this […]

Are my grown kids covered under my car insurance policy?

So your grown kids don’t like the real world that much and are thinking about moving back in!  Not only that, but they are still using your car!!  What’s wrong with this picture? Sociologists have coined a phrase to replace the term “empty nesters” with the term “open nesters”.  This is for those semi-independent kids who […]

What is Mississippi Auto Liability Insurance?

What is Mississippi Auto Liability Insurance and why do I have to buy it?  Also, how much auto liability insurance am I required to purchase? In a nutshell, liability insurance is the type of coverage that provides you funds to pay for injuries or property damages that you cause to others. For instance, if you […]